Photoshop One: “I Love Glasgow”

Poster Design 1 - Paula Scher

‘I Love Glasgow’ Travel Poster Design One

BITMAP image; 300DPI, A3; Re-formatted to JPEG 150 DPI A3 for upload to blog.

For the first travel poster design, I took inspiration from Paula Scher. I wanted to incorporate her use of text as shapes. I built the image around a manipulated photograph of the Glasgow Clyde Harbour. The photograph was warped using polar coordinates to create the tiny planet effect seen and the saturation was reduced to zero.

The only permitted colours were red so the saturation was either reduced to zero in all parts of the image or the fill tool was used to create the red.

Layers were then added. The gradient tool to create the striped effect on the left and the text tool with a motion blur for the background. Finally, the text was added as a final layer on top to complete the image. For the text to stand out I used a bold font and made sure to change the colour of the ‘I love Glasgow to make it stand out the most. I then placed a vector graphic behind it and reduced the opacity to make it seem like part of the text.

The outer glow tool was used on some of the text to again make it stand out.



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