Final – Postcard Design – Coachella

final-blog-postcard-designFINAL-BLOG-POSTCARD-DESIGN-BACK.jpgThis is the third instalment in the task to create concept designs for our chosen brands (in my case, Coachella 2017). This is the front and back of a postcard. Why anyone would send a postcard from a music festival is beyond me, do they even have postal service? I suppose it could be a nice keepsake or something.

Anyway, I’ve drawn inspiration here from Peter Saville again and also my favourite postcard designs from way back when.  The palette is a cooler mix of purples and blues which is in keeping with the trippy hippy hues but has less of the acid edge I used in previous items.

I think it might be my favourite.


Final -Poster Design – Coachella


As discussed in previous posts, we were set the task of creating concept designs for our chosen brands based on our design research. This is my poster design for Coachella 2017.

As part of the task, we were to use the same image on each piece and so I have here, although I have decided to switch up the colour palette to create a more visually striking piece. In this instance, I have taken inspiration from Neville Brody and his fusion of typography and images to create a busy piece which is hopefully still aesthetically pleasing.

If I had more time, I’d probably reduce the brightness of the lighting effects and sharpen the text but I’m happy enough with it as it is just now as a concept piece.

The pallette this time is that of the psychedelic art you might find in South East Asia.


Final – Ticket Design – Coachella



We were set a task to create new ticket designs, posters, postcards and roll-up banners for either Coachella, New Balance or Anthropologie. We were to draw inspiration from our various mood boards and use only our own images in photoshop to create our work.

I chose Coachella because I felt that I could do more with the psychedelic, festival-in-the-desert vibe and have taken inspiration here from Peter Saville. Some of his work utilises an acid-house, loud pallette and I have tried to incorporate this here.

The image is a photograph of a tapestry from my room as I am slowly becoming an insufferable hippy. I feel that it captures some of what Coachella is about and the tie -dye colour pallette helps to reinforce this.

I quite like it actually. I’ve never used photoshop before so this is my cherry-popping piece.