Research – Coachella Project


Coachella is an American indie rock festival which is held in Idaho every year. Tickets, posters and roll-up designs need to be made for events like these. Do you see where I am going with this? In creating a stimulus board that captured the mood of the desert festival I selected these chosen few. I think these pictures represent the fashion, the people, the location and the feeling that Coachella is supposed to be.

From this point, I can think about designs for posters, tickets and roll-up banners. Certainly, a special kind of roll-up design is important in capturing the true spirit of Coachella.


Research – Roll Up Banner Design


Since Roll-Up Banners are primarily used in b2b sales environments, they are not typically examples of mind-blowing design so much as they are cold corporate sales pitches. The examples that I have found here do their best to buck that trend and be both informational and eye-catching.

Research – Postcard Design


Postcards. Bought for friends, relatives, colleagues and pets alike. Sometimes they are even bought and not given to anyone but rather taken home just to look pretty. A postcard is a mood, a thought, a quote; a memento of a moment in time.

An A5 rectangle is not a lot of space for a quality, eye-catching time memento. Simple, clean lines and clear, short copy is a good way to get the most of what little is available. Use of colour is an important consideration too as this will almost certainly be the dominant influence on the mood of the card.  The best pieces stick to a colour palette or use colour to selectively draw attention to specific subjects.







Research – Ticket Design


Tickets. They are the keys which get you through doors unavailable to those without them. They are the small reminder of things to come or tokens of experience gone by. When a ticket is for an exclusive event, it is an acknowledgement that the beholder is perhaps one of few people lucky enough to have access.

For these reasons, ticket design should never be overlooked. A ticket should be evocative of the experience of the event it relates to. Colour, shape, imagery and typography are all important. This mood board captures what good ticket design looks like.


Research-Neville Brody


Neville Brody is best-known for his work for magazines, The Face and Arena in addition to album art for Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode and The Bongos. He is one of the founding members of Fontworks and continues work to this day at his own design practice, Research Studios.

Typography and images derived from the pop-art movement are dominant in Brody’s style. He has a keen appreciation of how well type-form can compliment an image as you can see from this moodboard.